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5G T&M equipment

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Combo Analyzer

Combo Analyzer is radio base station test equipment, providing testing functions – Spectrum analysis, LTE & 5G NR signal analysis, Antenna & cable testing. In the case of spectrum analysis function, additional measurement functions like channel power measurement, occupied bandwidth measurement etc. are provided in addition to basic spectrum measurement function. All the functions needed for the installation and maintenance of radio base station are available without additional test equipment.

There are two models, CA-1006 model provides frequency range up to 6GHz, and CA-1026 model up to 26GHz. Apart from frequency range, there is no difference between the two models in functional perspective. With high operating frequency range, CA-1026 model provides 5th harmonic component measurement for 5G NR system.

Combo Analyzer is used for the production, Installation and maintenance of 5G base station systems, providing accurate signal quality information and operational information of base station, making it an essential test and verification solution for 5G base station systems. Functions like TAE(Time Alignment Error) measurement are useful for the analysis of TDD system, especially Time Gate function in conjunction with spectrum analysis function enables separate measurement of downlink and uplink signal spectrum, or spectrum measurement in arbitrary time interval within 10ms frame. This function is useful in TDD system measurement like unwanted signal measurement in uplink transmission interval.