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Counter Drone System

RF Sensor

Ostrich is a counter-UAV system that determines the presence of UAVs by detecting RF signals transmitted and received between UAVs and controllers.

Ostrich resolves the drawbacks of conventional RF sensing based counter-drone systems which simply detect the existence of drones without direction information or provide incorrect direction information.

In addition, radar-based counter UAV systems that use the reflected signal information from object after transmitting RF signal to identify the existence of UAVs cannot be used in the countries subject to radio wave regulations.

Ostrich can be applied to a wide range of areas such as military, major facilities protection and VIP protection. It does not require any additional hardware for signal processing, it is composed of an AAU (Active Antenna Unit) based antenna and a control PC, so it is easy to install and carry. The AAU supports water and dustproof specifications(IP67) and self heat dissipation to be used in outdoor environment. The AAU provides digital signal processed data to the control PC, so signal attenuation and loss are minimized.